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FAST FACTS ABout Zimbabwe and why we need Your HeLp:

  • About zimbabwe According to a January, 2009 estimate, the average life expectancy in Zimbabwe is the lowest in the world: for men it is 37 years and for women, 34 (this includes a high infant mortality rate).  Diseases such as AIDS, cholera, typhoid and malaria, combined with poor health care, have brought about this crisis
  • about the next generation  It is now estimated that there may be as many as 1 million orphans in a nation of about 12.7 million people.
  • about the economy
    1. The Zimbabwe dollar was once a very strong currency, and as late as 1998 was still trading at a 7 to 1 ratio with the US dollar.  However by 2009 a meal cost several trillion Zimbabwe dollars, and the currency became worthless.  Today, business is conducted in US dollars and South African Rand, making it nearly impossible for rural Zimbabweans to have any purchasing power.  In some places the barter system has returned, and often times school and medical fees are paid in produce: eggs, peanuts, goats, etc.